Traffic Signal Construction

Since the beginning of their existence in 1868, traffic signals have been used to control traffic flow and aid in accident reduction. What used to be maintained by a constable manually switching between the green and red lanterns has transformed over the years to become the computerized version of modern traffic signals that we recognize today.


Commercial &
Industrial Construction

Commercial & Industrial Electrical Construction includes wiring, fiber optics, security systems, fire alarms, telecommunication services, and facility power. We specialize in small to large-scale commercial electrical projects including municipal complexes, site lighting, and electrical maintenance.

Street Light Maintenance

The purpose of street and sidewalk lighting is to provide safe nighttime safety for vehicles and pedestrians. We work together with municipalities, townships, and property management companies to ensure that lights are installed properly and maintained regularly to continue illuminating the areas in your communities.


Tenant Fit Outs

We specialize in tenant fit outs for all size companies. Our involvement from start to finish ensures that the project is completed correctly and on time. Our areas of specialty include: Fire Alarms, wiring, outlets, power circuitry, security systems and lighting. We work with you to complete the project to your standards while simultaneously maintaining high safety standards.

Sewage Pump Station
Electrical Maintenance

By planning pre-determined regularly scheduled maintenance, we help to reduce unexpected break-downs and environmental damage. Typical maintenance involves building upkeep, wiring inspections, reviewing all electrical motors, meters and control panels. Performing evaluations of electrical components at sewage pump-stations on a regular basis keeps overall maintenance cost lower.